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It specializes in the production and remanufacturing of auto spare parts, and also produces equipment for the diagnostics and refurbishing of car components.

A wide range of goods includes more than 100,000 items, produced under various brands:

  • Motorherz - starters, alternators, turbochargers and steering elements.
  • Krauf - starters, alternators, fuel pumps (gasoline), as well as components for these commodity groups.
  • UTM - alternator electronics: rectifiers, voltage regulators and other elements.

The products are intended for usage both in passenger cars and heavy commercial vehicles (Heavy Duty) - trucks, agricultural machinery, and special purpose vehicles. There are also product lines for motorcycles, water transport and other applications.

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Motorherz GmbH Company offers a wide range of components as a replacement for original ones, for different models of transport vehicles, such as: Toyota, Hyundai, KIA, Mercedes, Ford and other well-known carmakers. All products are of high quality. Technologies of reengineering and remanufacturing of spare parts allow reducing significantly their cost - without compromising the quality of products. Reengineering is one of the main directions of the company, aimed at the production of auto components by reducing costs and improving the products quality through the experience of initial designing and operational usage.

Product range:

  • Turbochargers;
  • Starters;
  • Alternators;
  • Steering racks;
  • Pumps for hydraulic boosters;
  • Fuel pumps (gasoline);

Components and elements for the above mentioned units.

A full range of units, parts and accessories can be found in the catalogs on the websites of these brands. You can obtain get detailed information on each commodity group, as well as consulting assistance in selecting spare parts at our official representative offices and trading partners in the regions. You can also fill out the form on the website to receive a feedback.

Motorherz products

A wide range of products: turbochargers, spare parts, replacement turbochargers and remanufactured turbochargers.

Motorherz products

Starters & Alternators
Serial production of high-quality copies of the original parts.

Motorherz products

Steering racks & Steering pumps
Available in the range : Electric, hydraulic steering racks and pumps.

Krauf products

Starters & Alternators
Full functional compliance and interoperability with original details.

Krauf products

Components for Starters & Alternators
The constant availability of a full line of accessories.

Krauf products

Fuel pumps & Module
The product range covers 80% of the market.

UTM products

The trade mark UTM produces electrical and electronic components of automobile alternators, as well as a number of components for starters and alternators, wherewith constantly increases its assortment. There are more than 2000 items of products in the catalog : RECTIFIERS, DIODES, VOLTAGE REGULATORS, CHIPS, SOLENOID SWITCHES, Brush holders and more.

Our advantages


High quality of products and their full compliance with the requirements of international standards.


Testing of all components (both new and remanufactured) on the special test benches.


Availability of factory warranty andcertificates, confirming the product quality.


Complete interchangeability of units and their components with original parts.


Affordable prices, mutually profitable cooperation for distributors and dealers.

Wide distribution network

Convenient shipment by transport companies to any point.

High quality and technologies

The usage of modern equipment and the introduction of advanced sophisticated technologies for the preparation of raw materials and processing of materials ensures high quality of products manufactured. All products are inspected at every production stage, what makes it possible to identify defects just in time and to eliminate them.

Among the technological processes being used, there are some that provide an excellent final result, such as:

  • Cold and hot forging;
  • Heat treatment of metals;
  • Injection molding;
  • Machining;
  • Surface grinding and polishing;
  • Post-processing and painting.

All products are redesigned by highly experienced engineers of the company, who are taking into account the features revealed in the operational period. Accurate calculation of the load, including climatic conditions, enables to create truly reliable components, that guarantees a long service life of the spare parts, and, as the result, a reliable and safe car operation.

Social responsibility

By choosing the technology of reengineering and remanufacturing the company pays great attention to the conservation of environmental resources in its area of responsibility.

Reengineering allows abandoning production materials containing substances harmful to human beings and nature itself, as well as abandoning obsolete technologies and production processes, what are not environmentally friendly.

Remanufacturing allows reducing the amount of harmful emissions and production wastes to the environment by reducing the production cycle during the processing of products, instead of manufacturing a new one, where it is the most appropriate.

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Remanufactured components

The renovated spare parts from Motorherz GmbH Company are a budget solution for those who are looking for inexpensive, and at the same time not less quality units for replacing the original units that exhausted their service time. The company offers only products what are suitable for further factory recovery. It carries out a full cycle of diagnostics, restoration, preselling preparation and checking, what guarantees reliability of offered parts.

The production cycle of remanufacturing includes:

  • Complete computer diagnostics of the unit;
  • Disassembly and extraction of spare parts;
  • Cleaning and functionality check;
  • Visual inspection and check;
  • Instrumental methods for quality control of parts;
  • Repair and replacement of items damaged during operation or disassembly;
  • Assembly of the unit or the finished unit;
  • Lubrication, paint coating cover;
  • Diagnostics of the product on the special test bench.

Thus, you get a fully ready-to-use unit that meets international quality standards. All parts are subject to warranty service and could be replaced with new ones in case of a malfunction or failure during the warranty period. The brand warranty covers both new and restored components. The warranty period is 12 months.

Despite the fact that the recovered parts are practically not inferior to the new ones in terms of quality and service life, they are at least 30% cheaper, what makes it possible to reduce significantly the costs of vehicle servicing. The reliability of the primary restored spare parts is manifested in the fact that all processed products, as it was noted, serve for a long time, even under much higher operational loads.


Motorherz GmbH

13 Immermannstrasse, Dusseldorf,
Nordrhein-Westfalen, 40210 Germany

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Motorherz GmbH

13 Immermannstrasse, Dusseldorf,
Nordrhein-Westfalen, 40210 Germany

E-Mail: info@motor-herz.de

Motorherz GmbH

13 Immermannstrasse, Dusseldorf,
Nordrhein-Westfalen, 40210 Germany

E-Mail: info@motor-herz.de

Motorherz GmbH

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Motorherz GmbH

13 Immermannstrasse, Dusseldorf,
Nordrhein-Westfalen, 40210 Germany

E-Mail: info@motor-herz.de

Motorherz GmbH

13 Immermannstrasse, Dusseldorf,
Nordrhein-Westfalen, 40210 Germany

E-Mail: info@motor-herz.de

Motorherz GmbH

13 Immermannstrasse, Dusseldorf,
Nordrhein-Westfalen, 40210 Germany

E-Mail: info@motor-herz.de

Wide dealer network

Motorherz GmbH Company is represented by a wide dealer network in Europe and Asia, and is constantly working on increasing the number of its partners, improving the quality of customer service, expanding the product range.

If the experience in distribution of similar products indicates you lucrative profitable business prospects, then you might apply for cooperation by filling out the form on the website. You will be satisfied by the reliability of partnership with us!

Central office

13 Immermannstrasse, Dusseldorf,
Nordrhein-Westfalen, 40210 Germany